Freedom From Fear

By reciting the blessed name of Avalokiteshvara three times, we will be free from fear.  This practice works in all manner of situations, please use it as often as you like.           OM MANE PADME HUM

Compassion is a Powerful Protector

Everyone has heard of compassion. We know that it’s a good thing, and that we should try and have it whenever we can. We have images of people from the past who have had compassion, such as Jesus and Buddha. We also know about compassionate people from more modern times, such as Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Therasa, Martin Luther King Jr., and others. If we’re lucky, then we may have had the chance to meet or be in the presence of someone with great compassion.

We’re usually aware of how compassion benefits and protects other people, because this is it’s main function. But are we aware of how compassion can also be beneficial to the person who has it?

One of the best things about compassion is that it protects you. How can compassion do this? One way is that it protects you from your own and others’ negative energy. Every state of consciousness also has an energy that it produces. When you’re in a negative state of consciousness such as anger or depression, you can also feel the associated energy. The energy of anger is very fast and destructive, and it moves to cause harm. As the energy of anger moves, it takes control of your body and rushes out to harm, either verbally or physically. Sadness or depression also has its own associated energy. It is more slow, lethargic, and debilitating. It is generally moving inward, eventually causing a state of emotional immobility, where it feels difficult to be motivated to do anything.

However, the energy of compassion is much different. This energy is very alive. It can also be moving outward like anger, but the energy of compassion moves to bring peace and happiness. And unlike anger, depression, or any other negative energy, the energy of compassion is always peaceful for the person who has it. In fact, if compassion goes very deep, it can be experienced as a very pleasurable type of bliss, maybe even better than sex. Who could say no to that?

And as if this were not enough, the energy of compassion has other ways to protect you as well. Have you ever noticed how when a person walks into a room, you can feel their energy? When an angry person walks in, you can feel that. And when a very peaceful, happy person walks in, you can feel that as well. You can also notice the interaction of energies between two or more people. The person with angry energy often attracts other people with angry energy, even if unconsciously. These two people then often need to fight either verbally or physically, because their energies are the same and are attracted to each other.

But what happens when a person carrying around a lot of anger comes into contact with a very compassionate peaceful person? Their anger becomes subdued, and they can even become transformed if the other person has a strong enough compassionate energy. Either way, the person with compassion is protected from the person with anger. Being in the state of compassion is like having your own personal bodyguard!

Compassion has other benefits as well, including:
-it empowers you to create positive change
-it gives you great confidence
-it dispels fear
-it transforms your own negative energy
-it’s good for your health (due to its relaxing effect on the body and mind)
-it helps you to be in a positive, peaceful state when you die
And last, but not least…
It feels GREAT!

So how can you have this great mind of compassion? It’s very simple. All you have to do is simply notice that other people are suffering, and wish for them to be free of that suffering. You can imagine them being completely free from their current state of suffering, and how wonderful that would be. If you do this, you will start to feel the peaceful and transforming effects of compassion.


©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo©2008 by Hartwig HKD

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Ode to Mary

Mother Mary
Divine Love
Holy Protection
Your Presence does
Give me Peace
Give me Love
Lady of the Light
You catch my tears
In your hands of Grace
I place myself
In your care
We are singing to you
Our voices are clear
Mother Mary do you hear?
Our tears of sadness?
Cries of fear?
Give us comfort
Draw us near
To your light

Mother Mary sing your song
Mother Mary you are beautiful

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo©2011 by Waiting For The Word

CC BY 2.0