The Secret Treasures of Being Thankful

Thankfulness is a vast treasure, an abundance of joy,  a source of happiness and well-being.

Just being thankful- so simple,  so profound

The doorway to undiscovered treasures has a key made of two simple words:

Thank You

©2017 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I am so very thankful
For the opportunity to be grateful
For all the good things in my life
Both big and small

Gratitude is a special gift
To see the goodness in ordinary things
To recognize what you have
To remember what you have forgotten

To appreciate what is present
To be happy in the moment
Where even a little seems like so much

There is so much to be thankful for

For life itself
Any moment life could be gone
And it will be too late
To be grateful

So why wait?

©2017 by Awakening Wisdom Light

So Thankful

So thankful
For this day
For this life

For the beauty
All around me
Within myself
And within every person

For the opportunity
To be alive
Another day
Another chance

To give love

©2017 by Awakening Wisdom Light

What is Consciousness?

That which cannot be seen is called invisible
That which cannot be heard is called inaudible
That which cannot be held is called intangible
These three cannot be defined;
Therefore, they are merged as one.

Each of these three is subtle for description.
By intuition you can see it,
Hear it,
And feel it.
Then the unseen,
And untouched
Are present as one.

Tao te Ching verse 14
Translation by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Photo©2016 by Nick Kenrick

CC BY 2.0

Why is Everything so Quiet?

Why is everything so quiet?
The sky through the window is quiet.
The chair, the room, myself.
My mind.
Why is everything so quiet?
There is nothing happening,
Inside or outside.
Even sounds are…
But wait…
Is there something missing?
For a moment I lost something.
That’s alright.
I like the quiet better anyway.

©2016 by Transformation: Earth