The Power of Acceptance

Don’t try to fight fire with fire,
You will only get burned.
Don’t try to fight darkness with darkness,
You will only become afraid and confused.
Don’t add more unconsciousness to the unconsciousness in the world,
You will only forget who you are.

Pour the water of love onto the fires of hate,
Bring the light of wisdom into the darkness of ignorance,
Bring your conscious awareness into the unconsciousness of the world.

When you resist evil in others,
You only strengthen the evil in yourself.
Yielding is strength;
You gain power by accepting what is.

Because non-resistance frees you from the ego.
Ego-The source of all evil, and the cause of all weakness.

When you’re not resisting evil,
You are rising above it.
Seeing through the illusion of evil,
You behold the light of oneness.

©2017 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Within War, There is Peace

“One man believes he is the slayer, another believes he is the slain.  Both are ignorant; there is neither slayer nor slain.  You were never born; you will never die.  You have never changed; you can never change.  Unborn, eternal, immutable, immemorial, you do not die when the body dies.  Realizing that which is indestructible, eternal, unborn, and unchanging, how can you slay or cause another to slay?”

Bhagavad Gita

Chapter Two verse 19 through 21

The Beauty of Giving

A gift is a beautiful thing
Sharing with another
A connection

Between people
Humans and the Earth
The Earth and the stars

Not because they should
But because they realize

That in reality
They are not separate
A deep connection

What is the greatest gift you have to offer to this world?

The happiness
Of your true self

© 2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Two People Meet

Two people meet
Different faiths
Different beliefs

And because they are free

Their meeting is joyous
Recognizing the sacred
In each other

Two people meet

Their meeting is disastrous
Recognizing only their judgements
In the other

When two people meet
There is One
And no other

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo CC0 Public Domain

The Human Earth Drama

The Human Earth Drama

We fight one another
With words
With weapons

We strive to succeed
For money
For status

We misunderstand
By judging
By condemning

And all the while

The moon sits in the sky
Without a care

The stars twinkle away
Completely at ease

The planets orbit the sun
Not in a hurry

Galaxies spiral away
Enjoying the ride

Some may find it unsettling
Others a great despair
But I find it extraordinarily peaceful

To know that our lives
Our conflicts and battles
And everything we think is so important

Is of no real consequence
To our wonderful planet
In our beautiful universe

Whatever harm we inflict
The Earth will survive
And carry on

Whether we make it or not
The universe will continue
In its miraculous wonder

On this gorgeous night
My only wish
Is that the world
Will know my love

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo CC0 Public Domain

A Leaf

I am a leaf blowing in the wind

Without a thought


© 2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

So Much Love

So Much Love

I’ve never known so much love
And you are the source
The fountain of goodness

Like a supreme nectar
Flowing into my heart
A river of wholesomeness

An infinite supply
Of everything that I’m looking for
All that I’ve wanted or needed

I found it in you
You are my true lover
And I love you forever

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo  CC0 Public Domain

Planting Weeds

Going to war
In order to create peace
Is like weeding a garden
At the same time planting weeds

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo©2011 by Lewis Steward Giles

CC BY 2.0

Views in this poem do not necessarily reflect those of the creator of this photo

Evil and War

Evil takes over our bodies
Controls our minds
Convincing us that we have enemies
That need to be destroyed

But it is the evil itself
That needs to be destroyed
Killing our Brothers and Sisters
Will not destroy it

When we fight one another
And go to war
Against our so called ‘enemies’
Then our true enemy is victorious

And we all lose

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo©2008 by unai Pascual Loyarte

CC BY 2.0

Views in this poem do not necessarily reflect those of the creator of this photo

Your True Self, Beyond all Understanding

“Approach it and there is no beginning;
follow it and there is no end.
You can’t know it, but you can be it,
at ease in your own life.
Just realize where you come from:
this is the essence of wisdom.”

Tao te Ching verse 14

Translation by Stephen Mitchell

Photo ©2010 by Eddi van W.

CC BY-ND 2.0