How to Save the World

“When we understand the true nature of things, we will see that our world is like a dream, and that everything exists as a mere appearance to mind. We will realize that we can change our world simply by changing our mind, and that if we wish to be free from suffering, all we need to do is purify our mind. Having purified our own mind, we will then be in a position to fulfill our compassionate wish by showing others how to do the same.”

Transform Your Life pg 188
By Geshe Kelsang

Photo  CC0 Public Domain



I Remember

Tears are flowing
I am breaking apart
The love in my heart
Is too big to contain

Because I remember
Why I came here
I remember
I remember

My true purpose
Realized in a song
Reaching down deep
Into long ago
Because I had forgotten

But your song
Reminded me
Of the one who Awakened
From our terrible nightmare
To free us all
From our sleep of darkness

Because I remember
Why we came here
I remember
I remember

Because of your song
I remember our purpose
Why we are here
No ordinary reason
Here for a purpose
To realize who we are

Infinite radiance
Appearing in this world
A man of light walked on this Earth
And he is here now
Holding out his hand to you
He showed you the illusion of death
And the reality of Life and Light
That lasts forever

Pure, indescribable, irrational, all encompassing
Selfless, unconditional, irrevocable,

Because I remember
Why we came here
I remember
I remember
The presence is still here
of the one from long ago
Many speak about him
But they do not know him
Because they speak as if he is not here
They see him only in their minds

But I remember
Why we came here
I remember
I remember

Because of your song
I remember a long time ago
Someone who did something that no one else dared
He dared to love so much
That he couldn’t bear the thought
Of our suffering a moment longer
And so he went where no one else went
To find the truth
So we don’t have to be confused

I’m so glad that I remember
Why we came here
I remember
I remember

Consciousness is Beautiful

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, which is true. People find beauty in music, nature, a person, fashion, an idea, and many other things. But there is always one commonality among people, even if they are experiencing different objects as beautiful. They are all having an enjoyable experience. One may find beauty in the sound of a waterfall and the clear blue waters of the sea, while another absolutely loves the designs of human made structures like houses and buildings. Someone may enjoy the simplicity of taking a walk in the woods, while another can’t get enough of the technical intricacies of a semiconductor. But either way, each person who perceives beauty is also experiencing enjoyment.

But what is it that actually makes the experience of beauty enjoyable? Why do we love gorgeous sunsets, tropical beaches, attractive people, beautiful music and poetry, and all the rest? Whenever you see something beautiful, there is something magical happening. Many people are likely to miss it, but if you pay attention you will see. Whenever you have an experience of beauty, you are actually getting a sneak peak at consciousness.

This is because beauty is not something tangible, something with form. Beauty is formless, just like consciousness. Beauty itself IS consciousness. When you recognize the beauty of something, you are actually recognizing consciousness-both in yourself and in the object. Usually we misperceive the beauty as belonging to the object (beautiful mountain, attractive person, lovely music, etc.), but actually the beauty belongs to the consciousness itself.

In fact it is one of the most wonderful aspects of consciousness. It’s one of the reasons why if you have the good fortune to meet a spiritually realized person, you notice that they are happy all of the time. Since they have had such a deep realization of consciousness, they experience beauty no matter where they are or what is happening. Imagine what it would be like to experience continuous joy, as if every moment were like listening to a beautiful piece of music or taking a walk in the most gorgeous places on earth. Imagine if every time you saw someone, no matter who they were, you perceived them as being incredibly beautiful and attractive. What an amazing life!

Try an experiment to get a taste of what this can be like. Throughout the day be on the look out for anything that appears beautiful to you. When you do, take the time to stop, be quiet, and notice the beauty. Try and be aware of the beauty itself. Not so much the form that seems beautiful, but the actual experience of beauty that is happening along with the form. If you do this, you’ll notice that your mind starts to become quiet, calm, and peaceful. Gradually the beautiful object will not seem as important as before, because you will experience the inner beauty of your own consciousness. In other words, you come to rest in the beauty itself.

This is the way consciousness is beckoning to you, trying to draw you in. It is using beauty to try and call you back to your true home. Will you answer the call?