Faith and Belief

Faith and Belief

There is a difference between faith and belief. Faith is the truth inside of you, trying to shine through and be known. Faith is the recognition that there is something completely pure, vast, good, wholesome, free, and enduring. It is a knowing that comes from inside of you. It doesn’t depend on any particular belief or idea, although it is possible that a belief or idea can awaken faith within you.

Faith is deeper than a belief, it is deeply connected to the truth inside of you. That is why different people may not have the same beliefs, but their experience of faith is the same.
When you have faith you are confident, because there is a knowing inside of you. Even if you don’t know why or how you know, you just know. You feel joy because of your connection to something very true and enduring.

Faith uplifts you and connects you to the truth. In fact it is a doorway to the truth. If you connect with the faith inside of you and let it grow, it will guide you. It will show you what you need to see and steer you towards people, teachings, books, etc. that will lead you further on your path. You can connect with the faith inside of you if you are honest and sincere. As it says in the Tao Te Ching:

“Open yourself to the Way and trust your natural responses… Then everything will fall into place.” Tao Te Ching, 23rd verse

With faith, anything is possible. Once when Jesus was on the way back to the city with his disciples, he was hungry and noticed a fig tree. However, seeing that the tree had no fruit, he caused it to wither merely by telling it to do so. His disciples were obviously stunned. They asked him how such a thing could happen.

“‘I tell you in truth,’ said Jesus, ‘that if you have faith and waver not, you shall not only perform such a miracle as this of the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, “Arise, and hurl yourself into the sea,” it shall be done; and everything, whatever it be, that you ask for in your prayers, if you have faith, you shall obtain.'” Matthew 21:21–22

In the end it is faith that saves you, not a particular belief (about a person, teaching, etc.). Although as mentioned before, faith can often be connected to a particular belief. Jesus demonstrated this teaching when a woman who had strong faith in him touched his cloak and was healed of her ailment.
She said, “‘If I but touch his cloak, I shall be cured.’ And Jesus turned and saw her, and said, ‘Take courage, daughter; your faith has cured you.'” Matthew 9:21-22

And again when two blind men approached Jesus asking him to cure their blindness:
“‘Do you believe that I can do this?’ He asked them.
‘Yes, Master,’ they replied.
So he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith let it be to you.'” Matthew 9:28-29

In both cases this ancient Master said that it was according to their faith that these people were cured, not according to having the correct belief. Having beliefs is fine, but remember it is the faith that counts. And with faith, you can give up your fear and look within yourself:

“‘The Kingdom of Heaven does not so come that you can watch closely for it. Nor shall they say, “See here!” or “See there!” – For the kingdom of Heaven is within you.'” Luke 17:20–21

When you recognize that the divine is inside of you, then faith will have served its purpose and you can be at peace.

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