The Power of Acceptance

Don’t try to fight fire with fire,
You will only get burned.
Don’t try to fight darkness with darkness,
You will only become afraid and confused.
Don’t add more unconsciousness to the unconsciousness in the world,
You will only forget who you are.

Pour the water of love onto the fires of hate,
Bring the light of wisdom into the darkness of ignorance,
Bring your conscious awareness into the unconsciousness of the world.

When you resist evil in others,
You only strengthen the evil in yourself.
Yielding is strength;
You gain power by accepting what is.

Because non-resistance frees you from the ego.
Ego-The source of all evil, and the cause of all weakness.

When you’re not resisting evil,
You are rising above it.
Seeing through the illusion of evil,
You behold the light of oneness.

©2017 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Author: Tara Praises

Tara devotee, Buddhist practitioner, music composer, and poet.

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