Love and Attachment


Differentiating between love and attachment can often be difficult. They are usually very mixed together, so pulling out the attachment from the love is a skill that needs to be practiced. Here is a comparison of the two, to help get some clarity.

Love is feeling like you already have what you need, attachment is wanting because you don’t have enough

Love is a feeling of peace and happiness, attachment is a feeling of being disturbed and agitated

Love is feeling happy right now, attachment is looking forward to something that will make you happy in the future

Love is a feeling of energetic connection between you and other people, attachment is a feeling of lack of a meaningful connection and wanting to have the connection

Love is a feeling of fullness and that you don’t need anymore, attachment is a feeling of emptiness and that you do need more

Love is focused on others, attachment is focused on yourself

You can have love for anyone and everyone, you can have attachment only for certain people

Love protects you, attachment harms you

Love makes you feel safe, attachment makes you feel afraid

Love last forever and leads to connection, attachment is short-lived and leads to loneliness and isolation


Love and attachment do have something in common – any person can have either one, no matter what religion, culture, beliefs, etc. We have a choice…

So choose love!

©2016 by Awakening Wisdom Light

Photo©2010 by Boris SV

CC BY-ND 2.0

Author: Tara Praises

Tara devotee, Buddhist practitioner, music composer, and poet.

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