There is wisdom within all of us.  I’ve come to rely more and more on wisdom as my spiritual path has deepened, and it has become like a good friend.  Awakening the Light of Wisdom is a sharing of my experiences on the spiritual path, as I attempt to move deeper into the Light within, and Awaken from the sleep humanity seems to be in.  Please enjoy my poetry and writings, as well as quotes from Enlightened Masters of the past and present.

In peace,


feel free to contact at awakeningwisdomlight@gmail.com

Author: Tara Praises

Tara devotee, Buddhist practitioner, music composer, and poet.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Occasionally I happen upon a blog and feel a connection to the blogger due to some commonality or view of the world. Very rarely do I find myself having to remind myself that this is not my blog and I did not write these posts. In fact, it was the picture of the trees and light that caught my eye first. It looks very similar to many of my own photo’s. It could be that our exterior shell and role in the world is very different, but it seems like we’re on parallel paths within. That’s one thing I love about blogging and reading other blogs: We get to meet people at our hearts without the distraction of our outfits. I’m looking forward to following your posts!

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    1. Wow, I think that is probably the most thoughtful comment I have had on any of my blogs! Talk about synchronicity! I specifically chose the picture of the trees and light to draw people in and visually represent the meaning of the blog’s content. I’m very encouraged by your comment, thank you so much. I really hope my posts are helpful to you!

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